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Wichita, KS flag merchandise
The Workroom Wichita Flag Satin Etched Pint Glass
ICTMakers Orange Hogan Mug
Jan Hoop Wichita Flag Ornament
The Workroom Local Camelbak Camp Mug- Moss
The Workroom Local Camelbak Wine Tumbler- Terracotta Rose
GMFD 50/50 316 Wichita Flag Hoodie/Sweatshirt
ICTMakers ICTMakers Soup Mug
ICTMakers Leather Keychain
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The Wichita flag was officially accepted on Flag Day, June 14, 1937. The Winning design was created by local artist Cecil McAlister, who won a grand total of $40 for his first place design. The flag is made up of 3 distinct components: The "blue sun" is slightly off center and is a symbol of happiness & contentment. The design over the "blue sun" is a Native American symbol for "hogan" or permanent home, while the alternating red and white rays represent the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases. There were only 6 original flags made by a west-side seamstress, named Mary J. Harper. In her day, she was often referred to as "Wichita's Betsy Ross;" It took her an entire day to piece together the complicated design.